[Servercert-wg] Latest version of DigiCert's Approved Incorporating Agencies Uploaded

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
Mon Dec 9 12:46:46 MST 2019




Thought I'd post this on the server certificate WG mailing list instead of
the validation mailing list, since I suspect it is going to be very
interesting to smaller CAs who don't necessarily follow that list.


We've recently been discussing how to improve the quality of sources used
for various types of validation as part of the Validation subcommittee's
work.  Much like what we did with the validation methods, the first step in
trying to improve the requirements is usually the disclosure of what
everyone is currently doing.  Contrary to some recent assertions, the idea
of disclosing validation sources is an idea that goes back quite a while.  I
remember speaking up in favor of it back at the CA/Browser Forum face to
face in Redmond in 2016.  It was also mentioned during the Validation Summit
in 2018 as a potential area for improvement.  Lastly, improving information
sources was one of the four topics Dean brought up in Thessaloniki earlier
this summer.


In order to make progress on this, either we would have had to mandate that
everyone do it, or someone had to take the lead and go first.  That's why
DigiCert previously chose to release a list of incorporating agencies we've
approved.  We strongly encourage other CAs to release their lists as well,
and I was very happy to hear support for this effort from another large CA
on the validation subcommittee call last week.


Of course, the world is a large and complex place, and our compliance team
continually receives new requests to approve incorporating agencies.  As
we're committed to transparency in this area, we are going to continue to
release updated lists from time to time with the latest sources that we have
approved.  Over the weekend, we released the latest version of our approved
incorporating sources, which is now available on our legal repository:


We look forward to working together with other CAs to build a comprehensive
list of all the incorporating agencies that meet the relevant requirements,
to ensure the entire industry is using the correct sources to do these
important validations, and look forward to a future where there is no longer
any uncertainty how and where a company's existence should be validated.
After all, corporate identities matter when making important trust



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