[Servercert-wg] Proposal to address ballot effective date problem

Richard Smith rich at comodoca.com
Wed Oct 17 00:00:54 MST 2018

As discussed at the Shanghai F2F today, there is a lot of confusion around
ballot effective date and the current procedure is difficult to follow.


To fix the problem I propose that we move to a quarterly release schedule
for both BR and EVG using the following method:

1.	Dates of publication:

a.	February 1: Will include ballots which complete IPR review between
October 16 and January 15
b.	May 1: Ballots which complete IPR review between January 16 and
April 15 
c.	August 1: Ballots which complete IPR review between April 16 and
July 15
d.	November 1: ballots which complete IPR review between July 16 and
October 15

Ballot effective date will be the date upon which the BR or EVG containing
it is published unless otherwise specified in the ballot itself and voted
upon accordingly.  We need to keep the ability to specify an alternate date
in the ballot in order to address critical items more quickly if necessary
and also to allow additional time for some items if that is deemed


I also think this type of scheduled publication will help our associates at
WebTrust and ETSI to track changes and get them incorporated into their
audit criteria more smoothly.



Rich Smith

Senior Compliance Manager



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