[cabfpub] Final minutes of CA/B Forum meeting May 26, 2022

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Wed Jun 8 11:49:13 UTC 2022

Final Minutes of May 26, 2022 meeting

1.	Opening Procedures- Dean

a.	Roll Call

a.	Attendees: Aaron Poulsen (Amazon), Ben Wilson (Mozilla), Bruce Morton 
(Entrust), Chris Kemmerer (SSL.com), Clint Wilson (Apple), Corey Rasmussen 
(OATI), Daryn Wright (GoDaddy), Dean Coclin (Digicert), Dimitris Zacharopoulos 
(HARICA), Doug Beattie (GlobalSign), Dustin Hollenback (Microsoft), Fumi 
Yoneda (Japan Registry Services), Inaba Atsushi (GlobalSign), Inigo Barreira 
(Sectigo), Jamie Mackey (US Federal PKI Management Authority), Janet Hines 
(SecureTrust), Joanna Fox (TrustCor Systems), Johnny Reading (GoDaddy), Jos 
Purvis (Cisco Systems), Karina Sirota (Microsoft), Marcelo Silva (Visa), 
Martijn Katerbarg (Sectigo), Nargis Mannan (SecureTrust), Niko Carpenter 
(SecureTrust), Peter Miskovic (Disig), Rae Ann Gonzales (GoDaddy), Rebecca 
Kelley (Apple), Ryan Dickson (Google), Stephen Davidson (Digicert), Tadahiko 
Ito (SECOM Trust Systems), Thomas Zermeno (SSL.com), Trevoli Ponds-White 
(Amazon), Wayne Thayer (Fastly), Yoshiro Yoneya (Japan Registry Services), 
Lynn Jeun (Visa)

a.	Read Antitrust Statement- Jos Purvis
b.	Review Agenda
c.	Approval of minutes of last call

a.	Minutes are being prepared and should be ready soon.

2.	Forum Infrastructure Subcommittee update given by Jos Purvis

a.	Looking at changes to the webpage

a.	Adding more tools to the tool page
b.	Tagging system for minutes, ballots and other pages
c.	Focus on updating antiquated pages. Content owners will be reached out
d.	Looking at changing theme on the website
e.	ASK: If anyone knows anything about how to work with CSS and PHP or 
Wordpress, this WG is looking for support
f.	Discussion about wiki and access rights and were able fix all issues
g.	Will work with Github Activity bot will continue even on repos that are not 
as active
h.	ASK: New membership testing site is rlive and please go into it and test 
i.	Did a review of the infrastructure presentation from last face to face

3.	Code Signing Certificate Working Group update given by Bruce Morton

a.	Closed on ballot CSC 13 and updated CSBRs have been posted
b.	Voting to change format of CSBRs passed and will be going into IPR
c.	Discussed what will be discussed at Face to Face
d.	Relooking at high-risk cert requests because it would allow keys to be 
generated in software, but that was moved
e.	Once format is updated, group will work on eliminating references to SSL 
BRs to make CSBRs stand alone
f.	Discussed Amazon Trust Services joining as an associate member and that is 
in motion

4.	SMIME working group update given by Stephen Davidson

a.	We are in a 30 day pre-ballot discussion period

a.	Looking to move towards discussing issues in the next face to face and make 
a roadmap to move forward
b.	Most comments are about language, not so much about content.

5.	NetSec Working Group given by Clint Wilson

a.	Want to talk at face-to-face about narrative around risks associated with 
CA infrastructure
b.	Looking at  definitions in NSRs and TLSBRs and acknowledging the guidelines 
in the other BRs

a.	Same terms are used repeatedly but with different definitions
b.	Looking to make a central document for definitions with the BRs

6.	Any Other Business:

a.	Face-to-face June 6-8. There are 28 participants onsite and 50 online 

a.	Agenda will be sent out to list and was shared during the meeting
b.	Meeting times for session were discussed as well.

F2F Meeting Schedule:

*    2022

*    June 6-8 - Poland (Note: Meeting dates are Mon-Weds and will be

followed by the Trusted Economy Forum on Weds-Thurs), MEETING IS CONFIRMED

*    Oct 24-26 - Berlin (Note: Meeting dates are Mon-Weds and will be

followed by the CA Day and TSP event on Thurs/Fri)

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