[cabfpub] Development and deployment working group

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
Fri Jan 24 19:46:23 UTC 2020

Some of this overlaps with work being currently done in the NetSec working
group, which has discussed threat modeling for CAs.  IIRC, in the past,
we've discussed SDLC-related issues and deployment practices within that WG
as well.




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Hey Dimitris,


Can you add a spot during the face to face to talk about software deployment
and development? I thought a working group on that topic may be beneficial
given the number of software issues reported on Mozilla. I can present on
what I'm thinking there, but the goal would be to talk about best practices
in development and deployment of pki software and some of the unique
challenges associated with doing so as a CA.





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