[cabfpub] Next drat revision of the Bylaws

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Wed Jan 15 12:07:08 UTC 2020

Dear members,

I have been working on some of the topics we discussed at the last F2F 
and even before that.*

Most changes are related to “Issues with Bylaws to be addressed 



    Clarified the use of the term “Member” so it is clear when we
    discuss about all Forum Members (which includes Associate Members
    and Interested Parties), and when we discuss about the “Full
    Members”. Adding the word “Full” in front of the word “Member”
    removes this ambiguity.


    Added the term “Voting Representative” which is designated by each
    Member. Only votes submitted by Voting Representatives will be


    Replaced “Forum wiki” with the properly defined term “Member Web Site”.


    Removed references for Webmaster in the definition of “Public Web
    Site” since it is repeated in section 5.2.


    Added the Photography Policy in Exhibit D.

This produced the following draft version of the Bylaws (compared to the 
existing version 2.2) at:


I have enabled comments for those using this link, but would be happy to 
add editing privileges to any Member representative that will send me 
their google account. I would be happy to discuss these changes at the 
next cabforum call and, of course, on the list. I believe the approach 
we had last time to review each "set of changes" separately would be 
nice to follow with this update. I don't expect bringing this to a 
ballot soon but the intent is to have enough time to discuss before and 
during the upcoming F2F in Bratislava and be able to agree on the 
language so we can ballot it after the F2F.

Thank you,

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