[cabfpub] Requirements language cleanup

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
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I think you can only add one of them to the cleanup ballot because the other is for EV Codesigning.


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As mentioned on today’s call, our team went through the CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements, EV Guidelines and Code Signing Guidelines to review for names which are being deprecated by the industry. The number found were very minor:


In the EV Guidelines, the following text was found: “Denied Lists and Other Legal Black Lists” in Pg. iii Table of Contents 11.12.2 Black Lists; Pg. 30 11.12.2. Suggest changing to “Block Lists”.


In the EV Code Signing Guidelines, the following text was found: “In addition to checking revocation status, where practical, platforms should consult blacklists of suspect software”. Suggest changing to “blocklist”. This can be taken up by the code signing WG.


I can add both of these to the cleanups & clarifications ballot, now that I have endorsers, assuming they're OK with a last minute addition.



In the TLS Baseline Requirements, there is reference to standard email addresses (page 19) used to contact parties for domain validation (i.e. webmaster, hostmaster, postmaster). However, I’m assuming these cannot be changed.


Yes, these are from RFC 2142



I know there are some cleanup ballots either planned or underway and perhaps these can be included there.


Dean Coclin



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