[cabfpub] Code Signing Working Group - Call for Participants

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Tue Mar 12 16:46:12 UTC 2019

In accordance with the CA/B Forum Bylaws and the Charter of said working
group, the Interim Chair announces a call for Participants interested in
joining the Code Signing Working Group.


Current CA/B Forum members should submit their names and company
affiliations, as a formal declaration of their intent (or provide them at
the face to face meeting).


Interested Parties are eligible to participate once they provide the signed
IPR agreement to the Chair.


Here is the text from the ballot relevant to membership:


The CSCWG SHALL consist of two classes of voting members, Certificate
Issuers and Certificate Consumers meeting the eligibility criteria below:


(1)      A Certificate Issuer eligible for voting membership in the CSCWG
MUST have a publicly-available audit report or attestation statement in
accordance with one of the following schemes:


*            WebTrust for CAs v.2.0 or newer; or 

*            ETSI EN 319 411-1, which includes normative references to ETSI
EN 319 401 (the latest version of the referenced ETSI documents should be
applied); or

*            If a Government Certificate Issuer is required by its
Certificate Policy to use a different internal audit scheme, it MAY use such
scheme provided that the audit either (a) encompasses all requirements of
one of the above schemes or (b) consists of comparable criteria that are
available for public review.


These audit reports must also meet the following requirements:


*            They must report on the operational effectiveness of controls
for a historic period of at least 60 days;

*            No more than 27 months have elapsed since the beginning of the
reported-on period and no more than 15 months since the end of the
reported-on period; and

*            The audit report was prepared by a Qualified Auditor. 


In addition, the Certificate Issuer MUST actively issue code signing
certificates that are accepted for use in computing platforms in which the
platform supplier accepts code signing certificates issued by such
Certificate Issuer. 



(2)    A Certificate Consumer (i.e. a platform supplier) eligible for voting
membership in the CSCWG must produce a computing platform that accepts code
signing certificates issued by third-party Certificate Issuers who meet
criteria set by such Certificate Consumer.



4.2.2         Membership Application/Declaration process


A.           An Applicant not already a member of the Forum SHALL provide
the following information: 


*            Confirmation that the applicant satisfies at least one (1) of
the membership eligibility criteria (and if it satisfies more than one (1),
indication of the single category under which the applicant wishes to

*            The organization name, as they wish it to appear on the Forum
Web site and in official Forum documents.

*            URL of the applicant's main Web site.

*            Names and email addresses of employees who will participate in
the Working Group and Forum as Member representatives.

*            Emergency contact information for security issues related to
certificate trust.


Applicants that qualify as Certificate Issuers or Root Certificate Issuers
must supply the following additional information:


*            URL of the current qualifying audit report.

*            The URL of at least one third party website that includes a
certificate issued by the Applicant in the certificate chain.

*            Links or references to issued end-entity certificates that
demonstrate them being treated as valid by a Certificate Consumer Member.


Such Applicant SHALL become a Member once the CSCWG has determined by
consensus among the Members during a CSCWG Meeting or Teleconference that
the Applicant meets all of the requirements above or, upon the request of
any Member of the CSCWG, by a Ballot among Members of the CSCWG. Acceptance
by consensus shall be determined or a Ballot of the Members shall be held as
soon as the Applicant indicates that it has presented all information
required above and has responded to all follow-up questions from the CSCWG
and the Member has complied with the requirements of Bylaw 5.5.


Certificate Issuer applicants that are not actively issuing code signing
certificates but otherwise meet these membership criteria MAY request to the
CSCWG that they be granted an invitation for Associate Member status in
accordance with Bylaw 3.1, subject to conditions designated by the CSCWG.


The CSCWG SHALL allow participation by Interested Parties, as set forth in
the Bylaws.



An initial organizational meeting will take place during this week's face to
face meeting followed by the formal kickoff later in the week (see agenda
for details).


Dean Coclin

CA/B Forum Vice Chair



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