[cabfpub] Draft SMIME Working Group Charter

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
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Because diverse and sometimes even contradictory root program requirements are not a good thing.  It seems like we should be able to reach agreement on what the minimum criteria should be, just as we have for TLS.




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I’m fine with “or equivalent” exceptions for various use cases, as long as we specify what those are and they accomplish the same goals.  I do have strong opinions about how “*.gov” should be managed, specifically that I don’t think it’s possible to assure that the domain portion of the email is being consistently validated, absent some oversight by some independent entity.


I suppose this will be a core part of the discussion, then. I will, however, note that ICANN has adopted a very different philosophy than you with respect to domain names, and similarly, Microsoft has recognized the distinction with how they manage their program. This also aligns with a variety of other technology and non-technology sectors, and is, perhaps, a core part of disagreement.


Could you help me understand why, for purposes of CA/B Forum membership, you believe they should be overseen by someone that the CA/B Forum designates, rather than by an entity that a root program designates? Perhaps I'm missing why it's important to exclude these parties from the Forum, as that might help clarify the language.

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