[cabfpub] Skeleton in the closet and the Forum

James Burton burton at typewritten.net
Sun Sep 30 18:19:29 UTC 2018

Without full transparency, the appearance of the skeleton in the closet is
closer than ever. That is the forums right now. The lack of transparency in
regards to certain proceedings leaves a void of why. Why has certain things
happened? What was the thinking behind this? So on and so forth. The
polished official minutes doesn't cut it.

The F2F, teleconferences, and, other such meetings operate behind closed
doors and the reasoning behind the decisions in the meeting remain secret
to a point. The transcribed minutes are polished then released. The
recordings are deleted shortly after being transcribed. The evidence
is erased. Transparency is key.

Due to the campaign to default https and with every successful ballot
changing the backbones of operations, the greater scrutiny on the forum has
intensified with every step watched under a microscope. The forum must be
more open. The forum must operate the meetings in the open for anyone
listen in on the discussions.

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