[cabfpub] Adding Proposer and Endorsers to Ballot Forum-5 and Ballot SC5

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Mon Sep 10 16:56:15 UTC 2018

Some Members (including me) believe that no Proposer or Endorsers are required for elections ballots under Bylaw 4.1.  (For my analysis, see my message on Sept. 6).  Other Members disagree, and are unhappy that Ballot Forum-5 (Election of CABF Vice Chair) and Ballot SC5 (Election of SCWG Vice Chair) do not include a Proposer and Endorsers.

To remedy that - and end the arguments for these two ballots - we are adding the following Proposer and Endorsers to both ballots:

Proposer: Tim Hollebeek, DigiCert
Endorser 1: Mads Henriksveen, Buypass
Endorser 2: Kirk Hall, Entrust Datacard

Please note that this doesn't mean that a Proposer and two Endorsers are necessarily required for future elections ballots - no one has changed his or her mind on that.  However, for people of my opinion, adding a Proposer and Endorsers does no harm, and it will be good to get this behind us.  But is it not necessarily a precedent for the future (in fact, several officer elections in the past proceeded without a Proposer or Endorsers).

Let's include clarification one way or another to the Bylaws in a future ballot.

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