[cabfpub] Withdrawing Ballots Forum-5 and SC5 - Election of CABF and SCWG Vice Chairs

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Fri Sep 7 04:42:29 UTC 2018

I found another typo in the Vice Chair ballots I posted today, so I am withdrawing Ballots Forum-5 and SC5 - Election of CABF and SCWG Vice Chairs.

I will re-post the ballots on Friday.  I apologize - this is what happens when you try to modify a prior email and you work too quickly.

When I re-post the two ballots, I will post them as Draft Ballots until next Wednesday, Sept. 12.  At that point, I will start a 7 day discussion period (when the candidates can post statements if they want), followed by a 7 day voting period.  We have lots of time, as the new Vice Chair terms do not start until November 1.

*What does this mean?*

1. For candidates - Please do *not* post your statements yet, but wait until I re-start the discussion period next week on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

2.  For Members - do not vote on either ballot yet.

3.  For Members - As I indicated in my message earlier today, I do not believe that Bylaw 4.1 on election of officers requires that we have a proposer and two endorsers for officer election ballots.  However, I don't feel strongly about this, so if there are three Members who wish to volunteer as a proposer and two endorsers for the upcoming ballots, Ballot Forum-5 and Ballot SC5 - please post your names by next Tuesday as a proposer and/or endorser of both ballots, and I will include your names in the ballots.  If no one volunteers to be a proposer or endorser of either ballot, the ballots will proceed without proposers and endorsers.

Thanks for your patience.
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