[cabfpub] Photo distribution of Meeting 45

张翼 zhangyi at cfca.com.cn
Thu Oct 18 07:57:06 UTC 2018

Dear All:

We took hundreds of photos during the meeting, it's too large to upload them all, so we'll make a selection of photos around 30 to 50 photos and upload it to CAB wiki, including the group photo.

1,For people that told us "I don't want photos", we will not distribute photos that included them to others nor upload them to wiki, Please understand that if one's back is in some photo, that doesn't count. 

2,Please send me an E-mail if you need ALL photos that includes you, We'll send it to you via E-mail, please remind me your Email-box's limitation of Attachment (5MB per photo) if there is any.

3,We can delete photos upon request(From CAB wiki as well as from the Camera), Just tell us.

Best regard.

Yi Zhang
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