[cabfpub] Draft Bylaws 5.6 - Subcommittees of the CA/Browser Forum

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Tue Oct 16 03:45:27 UTC 2018

Here is a possible amendment to the Bylaws that would allow us to create Subcommittees of the Forum, and would require the same transparency as is required today for the Forum.

This Bylaws change could be passed by a Forum ballot in as little as two weeks.  We could then have a second ballot to create a Governance Subcommittee of the Forum.  No IP issues are involved, so there is no requirement of IPR Review.

Bylaws Section 5.6 - Subcommittees of the CA/Browser Forum

The Forum may establish subcommittees of the Forum by ballot to address any of the Forum's business as specified in the ballot. Subcommittees are open to all Forum members.  A Forum Subcommittee may not propose or work on any Draft or Final Guidelines or Draft or Final Maintenance Guidelines, but otherwise may propose Forum ballots, complete delegated Forum functions, or issue reports to the Forum that are within the subcommittee's jurisdiction.  Subcommittees must post all agendas and minutes on a public mail list.

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