[cabfpub] Question about CN and SAN encoding

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
Wed May 23 08:06:12 MST 2018

With regards to the first two sentences, Firefox had some bugs in this area pretty recently, so if you aren’t on the latest version, you might experience issues.  They were relatively minor, though.


We still support Ballot 202 and think it was shame it failed.  If someone wants to resubmit it so the issue can be discussed and amended or passed unchanged, we support that.  It occasionally comes up here in internal discussions about things from the past we’d like to fix.




There are no known compatibility issues in having the CN match the A-Label form (that is, xn--).


There are no known display issues in having the CN match the A-Label form (that is, xn--).


Unfortunately, some CAs voted against providing this guidance within the BRs, and thus the ballot ( https://cabforum.org/2017/07/26/ballot-202-underscore-wildcard-characters/ ) failed. No further details have been provided as to the basis of the objecting CAs, so the Forum is left with little input as how to make this acceptable to them.


The ballot could otherwise be resubmitted unchanged.


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