[cabfpub] For Discussion: S/MIME Working Group Charter

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
Thu May 17 17:12:57 MST 2018

I agree that “web-based mail” may be problematic.  That’s why I went with S/MIME.  I was just throwing it out there, because of the popularity of things like, say, GMail :)


Also, the S/MIME EV Guidelines may be identical to the Web EV guidelines.  Or they may be better.  Or they may be worse.  It’s up to the WG.


The same is true of the NCSSRs.  It will be up to the WG what version of the NCSSRs they want to enforce, and if they want to add or subtract requirements.  I think there will probably be a NCSSR WG that hasn’t been chartered yet.  Various CA/Wildcard WGs can adopt and/or modify the NCSSRs as they see fit.


As to the residual code signing references, they were fixed before you replied.


The updates question is interesting, as we’ve generally tried to enforce the fact that owning abandonware doesn’t get you a seat at the table.  I’m open to hearing suggestions on that question.






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