[cabfpub] Final report from the NetSec group

Neil Dunbar ndunbar at trustcorsystems.com
Fri Jun 22 07:24:04 UTC 2018


Following on from the F2F discussions in London, where a report on the Network Security activity was sought, I’m attaching our final report.

The TL;DR is essentially:
 * We recognise that the NCSSRs are a bit outdated and don’t call out salient security features of today’s working environments
 * We looked at CIS and ISO27K as starting points to replace the NCSSRs but decided against such an approach
 * We don’t think that just dumping the NCSSRs and going forward with nothing is a good idea at all
 * We think that incremental changes to the NCSSRs, using a risk-assessment methodology probably represents the best way of bringing the requirements up to date in a way which forum members will be likely to find acceptable.

(Fellow NetSec members: if I’ve spoken out of turn in the above, feel free to correct me on-list)

Hope the document is useful in representing where our thoughts are. All feedback, commentary and general observations are most welcome.

Best regards,


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