[cabfpub] Draft Ballot to establish new SCWG Validation Subcommittee

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Sun Jul 22 01:47:18 UTC 2018

No matter what procedure we choose for establishing new SCWG Subcommittees, we will need a formal scope for each Subcommittee.  This is a first draft of such a scope for the Validation Subcommittee.

The existing Validation WG was created by Ballot 143.  https://cabforum.org/2015/02/18/ballot-143-formalization-validation-working-group  I have slightly modified the language of that ballot to create a SCWG Subcommittee - this would be the language of a Ballot.  Please offer edits - simpler is better.  We can try to finalize on our SCWG teleconference on July 26.

The Server Certificate Working Group formally establishes the Validation Subcommittee as an official Subcommittee of the SCWG.

Scope: The Validation Subcommittee will consider all matters relating to the validation and inclusion of information in certificates under adopted CAB Forum guidelines.

Out of Scope: No provision.

Deliverables: The Working Group shall produce one or more documents offering options to the Forum for validation within the scope defined above.

Within the scope of the SCWG Charter: Yes

End Date: None

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