[cabfpub] Choosing terms for new officers of Server Certificate Working Group

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Mon Jul 16 16:19:02 UTC 2018

We will soon begin the process of electing new officers for the Forum (Chair and Vice Chair), following the process set forth in Bylaw 4.1.  See attached memo.  The current Officer terms end on October 21, so the new officers terms will start on October 22 and run for two years, unless we make a change by Forum Ballot.

Ballot 206 said that I would be the initial Chair and Ben would be the initial Vice Chair of the SCWG through the end of our terms (Oct. 21), unless the SCWG decides otherwise.  On our Server Certificate Working Call teleconference last week, we discussed the process for electing officers of the SCWG, and agreed that we will follow the election process of Bylaw 4.1.  People can simultaneously be an officer of the Forum and of the SCWG.

The only open question is when the terms for the new SCWG officers should begin.  On the call, it appeared we have three main choices, as follows:

1.     Two year terms starting after the SCWG officer elections, but terms are not synchronized with the Forum officer terms (so, the SWCG officer terms would not start on October 22, but could start earlier if the elections are completed earlier).

2.     Two year terms starting Oct. 22, synchronized with Forum officer terms.

3.     Two year terms starting Nov. 1, synchronized with Forum officer term (we would need to alter the Forum officer term to end Oct. 31).  I suggested this alternative so that new officers would take over after completion of our Fall F2F meeting each October - which could occur after October 21 in any given year.

I have created a new Doodle poll to see which option Members prefer.  Please go to this link and indicate your preference - only one vote per Member company, please.  We will keep this poll open until our next teleconference on Thursday, July 26.

Here is the link - please vote.


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