[cabfpub] A message to CA/Browser Forum Interested Parties - Action Required

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Tue Jul 3 23:58:22 UTC 2018

This is a message to people and organizations who signed up as CA/Browser Forum Interested Parties in the past.  Your immediate action may be required.

Anyone who is an Interested Party and wants to continue in that status must sign and submit to me an updated IPR Agreement v.1.3, found here:

This is in addition to the requirement of declaring your "participation" in the new Server Certificate Working Group, which I described in an earlier message.

I have included a list at the end of this message of the executed IPRA v1.3 copies received from Interested Parties to date - if your name is not listed, you need to take immediate action.  (If you have signed and returned the IPRA v1.3 but are not on the list, my apologies - please resend to me.)  If you don't sign and return the updated IPRA v1.3 (and also declare your "participation" in the new SCWG), your status as an Interested Party will end.  Here is what the Forum's Bylaws say about what an Interested Party can do:

3.2 Interested Parties
Any person or entity that wishes to participate in the Forum as an Interested Party may do so by providing their name, affiliation (optional), and contact information, and by agreeing to the IPR Agreement attached as Exhibit A (indicating agreement by manual signing or digitally signing the agreement).
Interested Parties may participate in Forum activities in the following ways:
(a) By becoming involved in CWGs,
(b) By posting to the Public Mail List, and
(c) By participating in those portions of Forum Teleconferences and Forum Meetings to which they are invited by the Forum Chair relating to their areas of special expertise or the subject of their
CWG participation.
Interested Parties are required to comply with the provisions of the IPR Agreement and these Bylaws. Interested Parties may lose their status as Interested Parties by vote of the Members, in the Members' sole discretion.

Here is the list of Interested Parties who have signed and returned the IPR Agreement v1.3 as of today - are you listed?   If not, please take action if you wish to continue.  (This does not apply to Members and Associate Members.)

Individuals who have signed:

Ayer, Andrew

Burton, James

Czajczyc, Christopher

Fiedler, Arno

Mehner, Carl

Nohe, Patrick

Rea, Scott

Rudenberg, Jonathan

Scheitle, Quirin

Organizations who have signed:

Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council (ACAB'C)


CertSign SA


Dark Matter

K Software LLC

Leader Telecom


PSW Group GmbH

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