[cabfpub] Pre-Ballot 206 - Amendment to IPR Policy & Bylaws re Working Group Formation

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Tue Jan 23 18:50:14 UTC 2018

This was discussed on today’s GWG call.

Suggestions made:

  1.  Intent for the calls: Majority of work will be under Server working group. Forum business will be done at the conclusion of the server cert call. So if the sever cert call is from 12-1, the forum business will start at 1. This way other members of the forum can join at that time and discuss forum business.
  2.  Initial chairs: Yes, unless otherwise decided by the working group (as currently stated in the document)
  3.  Schedule: Agree, removed specific times.
  4.  2.2a – agree, no changes
  5.  4.1c – changed to Associate members
  6.  IPR: Yes, we will make it clear in the ballot


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Thank you Ben, Virginia, and WG members for all your hard work to get us to this point. I reviewed these documents and have just a few comments:

My main question is about our bi-weekly teleconference. In Ben’s latest draft Server Certificate WG charter, this call appears to be defined as a Server Certificate WG meeting. However, there is a lot of Forum business conducted on those calls, and if those meetings are defined as Server Certificate WG meetings then I assume that members of other WGs can’t attend. What is the intent?

Server Certificate Working Group Charter:
- Initial Chairs - this section makes Kirk and Ben the Chair and Vice Chair and goes on to state “terms to run concurrently with their terms as Chair and Vice Chair of the Forum,” Is the intent that newly elected forum chairs automatically become chairs of this WG, or that the WG hold new elections at the same time?
- Meeting Schedule (in Ben’s latest draft) - do we really want to have to edit the charter to change the teleconference times? Suggest you add a statement allowing the schedule to be modified.

- (nit) Section 2.2(a) ends Forum membership when the party is not a member of any working group, so we’d better not accidentally allow every WG to expire.
- (nit) Section 4.1(c) - Historically, I believe the Election Committee has consisted of individuals who are Associate Members, not Interested Parties.

IPR Policy:
Do all current members need to sign a new IPR agreement (as discussed onThursday’s call) once this ballot passes? If so, the ballot should set a deadline for doing so and make it clear that membership will be terminated if the new agreement isn’t signed.

- Wayne

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Here is a revised draft.

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