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Blunt, Dave dblunt at amazon.com
Mon Apr 16 22:02:35 UTC 2018

Thanks Wayne. Good call out. I can’t promise immediate updates but I’ll look at applying checks such as those caught by zlint.


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At this point there are enough inconsistencies between cablint and zlint that I find both valuable.


For example: https://crt.sh/?caid=1661 <https://crt.sh/?caid=1661&opt=cablint,zlint&minNotBefore=2017-01-01> &opt=cablint,zlint&minNotBefore=2017-01-01


- Wayne


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Hi Dave,


I was looking just at the very top level and see there are more Commits, Closed Issues, and contributors for zlint, but if cablint has a new maintainer to keep it up to date, then having 2 independent checkers will help find bugs or inconsistencies in the other lint.




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Tim – I’m transitioning into Peter’s role as maintainer of the cablint maintained under awslabs. Do you have concerns or suggestions for changes?


Doug, if you aren’t sure how zlint and cablint stack up, what is the recommendation to use zlint based on?


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