[cabfpub] Termination of the certificates business of Startcom

谭晓生 tanxiaosheng at 360.cn
Fri Nov 17 10:28:49 UTC 2017

Dear all,

This is the Chairman of StartCom's board, Xiaosheng Tan. StartCom has experienced a very difficult time in our re-inclusion process. Due to some comments and decisions made by the Mozilla community, which are followed by some other browsers, StartCom’s board made a difficult but final decision after careful consideration. We will initiate the termination procedure of the StartCom business. The liquidation procedure will begin and follow our CPS and internal procedures. We´ll set January 1st 2018 as the termination date and will stop issuing certificates therefrom. We will maintain our CRL and OCSP service for two more years from January 1st 2018. The three pairs of StartCom key Roots will be eliminated after that time.

On behalf of the StartCom’s board, I would like to thank Mozilla Community, especially Gervase, for their positive influence on StartCom. Thanks for your explicit decision making, so that we could know what to do in the next step and no more detour. We really appreciate that.
Also, Qihoo 360, even as the largest security company in China, is extremely impressed by Cure53’s high efficient work.Thanks for Cure53’s top level security audit, which made us realize that we still have room for improvement.
There is no doubt that Inigo made an excellent work since we decided to let him do the CEO job. His great experience helped StartCom save a lot of time and money. Also, I would like to thank all the StartCom staff for their excellent work during this tough time.

Yes, of course we will still contribute to Community and focus on security research. During the last ten years, the 360 security research teams have discovered hundreds of vulnerabilities in the major software companies and earned many acknowledgments in the world. Qihoo 360 and the PKI community share the same goal, which is making the internet a better place.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Xiaosheng Tan

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