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While I don’t feel strongly about it, it seems to me the term “streetAddress” is different than the word “Address”, and normally would not include city, state, or country.  Just the address on the street.

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Here is an example:       (please note: it's a fake one, generated via an on-line fake address generator)

STREET=38, Place Charles de Gaulle, 76600 Le Havre, France
L=Le Havre
In the above example, streetAddress not only contains a street name and house number, but other info as well, including the locality (already specified in the separate localityName attribute) and the country (already specified in the separate countryName attribute), and a postal code that should probably be moved elsewhere (e.g. in the specific postalCode attribute, if used).

It is quite obvious, in the above example, that the address information are consistent, overall. The question I am asking is: is this way of populating streetAddress okay, from a compliance point of view?

Does anybody think that such a certificate should be regarded as non-conformant to the BRs ?


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All, would like some opinions about the following question:
Can it be considered "okay" if the streetAddress component of an OV (or EV) certificate Subject contains some more information than it's strictly specified (or, more exactly, exemplified) in ITU-T X.520 ?

ITU-T X.520 (aka ISO/IEC 9594-6) reads:
"The Street Address attribute type specifies a site for the local distribution and physical delivery in a postal address,
i.e., the street name, place, avenue and house number"

For instance, how would you consider a street Address that, in addition to street name and house number, also contains a country name: compliant? non-compliant? of dubious compliance?

Can you give an example?

I think the most likely outcome is that the address is simply wrong—not non-compliant, but not referring to the intended or actual address.

In many cases with complex or weird postal addresses, it is probably preferable to use the postalAddress component instead, which gives you 6 lines (alas limited to 30 characters each).


Cordiali saluti,

Adriano Santoni
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