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Moudrick M. Dadashov md at ssc.lt
Wed May 17 10:46:43 UTC 2017

Hi Adriano,

Like for other Subject attributes, primary source of "address" is the 
official legal entity registry where content of the address is country 
specific. Just curious, why are we creating new problems (see "state", 
"locality" (that in some jurisdictions have absolutely no meaning) 
related discussions)? Our vote for this ballot will be No.


On 5/17/2017 1:08 PM, Adriano Santoni via Public wrote:
> All, would like some opinions about the following question:
> Can it be considered "okay" if the streetAddress component of an OV 
> (or EV) certificate Subject contains some more information than it's 
> strictly specified (or, more exactly, exemplified) in ITU-T X.520 ?
> ITU-T X.520 (aka ISO/IEC 9594-6) reads:
> "The Street Address attribute type specifies a site for the local 
> distribution and physical delivery in a postal address,
> i.e., the street name, place, avenue and house number"
> For instance, how would you consider a street Address that, in 
> addition to street name and house number, also contains a country 
> name: compliant? non-compliant? of dubious compliance?
> Adriano
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