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Mon May 8 23:17:35 UTC 2017

Sorry, got end date wrong before.  End date in June 8 at 01:00 UTC.


This Review Notice is sent pursuant to Section 4.1 of the CA/Browser Forum's Intellectual Property Rights Policy (v1.2).  This Review Period is for Final Maintenance Guidelines (30 day Review Period).  A complete draft of the Draft Guideline that is the subject of this Review Notice is attached.

Date Review Notice Sent:        May 8, 2017

Ballot for Review:                    Ballot 198 - .Onion Revisions

Start of Review Period:           May 9, 2017 at 01:00 UTC

End of Review Period:             June 8, 2017 at 01:00 UTC

Please forward any Exclusion Notice relating to Essential Claims to the Chair by email to kirk.hall at entrustdatacard.com<mailto:kirk.hall at entrustdatacard.com> before the end of the Review Period.  See current version of CA/Browser Forum Intellectual Property Rights Policy for details.  (Optional form of Exclusion Notice is attached)

Ballot 198 - .Onion Revisions


Revise Appendix F, Section 1 to read as follows:
Appendix F - Issuance of Certificates for .onion Domain Names
A CA may issue an EV Certificate containing the .onion Domain Name provided that issuance complies with the requirements set forth in this Appendix:

  1.  CAB Forum Tor Service Descriptor Hash extension (
The CAB Forum extension in of the TBSCertificate to convey hashes of keys related to .onion addresses.  The CA MUST include the Tor Service Descriptor Hash extension using the following format:
cabf-TorServiceDescriptorHash OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { }
TorServiceDescriptorHash:: = SEQUENCE {
algorithm                        AlgorithmIdentifier
subjectPublicKeyHash   BIT STRING              }
Where the AlgorithmIdentifier is a hashing algorithm (defined in RFC 6234) performed over the raw Public Key of the .onion service and SubjectPublicKeyHash is the value of the hash output of the raw Public Key.

--Motion Ends--

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