[cabfpub] Updated draft of Code of Conduct for review

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Tue May 2 13:07:07 UTC 2017

Hi Virginia,

This draft is an improvement - thank you for listening. Two more comments:

On 27/04/17 04:39, Virginia Fournier via Public wrote:
> All Member representatives are expected to behave in a collegial and
> professional manner in accordance with this Code. Members will
> familiarize their representatives with this Code, require them to behave
> accordingly, and agree to suspend, remove or replace a Member
> representative who violates the Code, as appropriate. 

Other parts of the document suggest that a violation may not necessarily
result in formal sanction - which I think is good. Hot-tempered disputes
are often best resolved informally over a beer with the parties
concerned. If I lose my temper and call Kirk an idiot, he's a big boy
and he can take it. It's clearly a code violation, but I would argue
that perhaps a Forum suspension might be overkill as a way to resolve
the issue. (It might be different if the target were a different
participant.) However, this para makes it seem like any violation will
result in suspension, removal or replacement of the representative.
Could it be made more conditional, to match the later language?

> (c)  Inform the Chair, Vice Chair, and/or a Working Group Chair
> immediately if participants feel they have been or are being harassed or
> made uncomfortable by a Forum member. Intimidation, personal attacks,
> and retaliation of any kind will not be tolerated. 

What is your view of the concept of truth as a defence? Let's say I call
a representative of CA Foo a liar. This may well make him feel
uncomfortable, intimidated or attacked. It may also be both relevant to
the discussion and true (and I have the evidence). Is it nevertheless a
code violation?


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