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Xiu Lei xiulei at gdca.com.cn
Mon Jun 26 06:51:55 UTC 2017

Hi Kirk,


I am Xiu Lei from GDCA. I volunteer to join the Network Security Working
Group. Thanks.


Best regards;

Xiu Lei 


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Ballot 203 has passed so I am issuing a call for volunteers to serve on the
new Network Security Working Group.


Please send me the names of people in your company who are willing to serve
on this WG in the next ten days ¨C by June 30.


It will be most useful if the volunteers have the technical ability to work
on these network security issues.


We will find a time for the new WG to convene by teleconference call, and
the WG will elect its Chair (likely co-Chairs) at its first meeting.  If you
would like to volunteer as a WG Chair, let me know and I will create a list
of candidates and circulate to the volunteers.



Interested Parties (non-Forum members who have signed our IPR Agreement) may
also serve on this Working Group.  (If you are not an Interested Party but
want to become one, please contact me at kirkhall <at> entrustdatacard.com,
and I¡¯ll send you a copy of the IPR Agreement to sign.  The Forum¡¯s Bylaws
define Interested Parties as follows:


Bylaw 3.2 Interested Parties

Any person or entity that wishes to participate in the Forum as an
Interested Party may do so by providing their name, affiliation (optional),
and contact information, and by agreeing to the IPR Agreement attached as
Exhibit A (indicating agreement by manual signing or digitally signing the


Interested Parties may participate in Forum activities in the following

(a) By becoming involved in Working Groups,

(b) By posting to the Public Mail List, and

(c) By participating in those portions of Forum Teleconferences and Forum
Meetings to which they are invited by the Forum Chair relating to their
areas of special expertise or the subject of their Working Group


Interested Parties are required to comply with the provisions of the IPR
Agreement and these Bylaws. Interested Parties may lose their status as
Interested Parties by vote of the Members, in the Members¡¯ sole discretion.


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