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Thanks for putting this together.  I have one request; ISO/DIS 21188 section 5.12.3 makes it clear that a wildcard name is not a Fully Qualified Domain Name.  I had started to put together a set of changes to clarify this independent of this ballot.  The changes are available at https://github.com/cabforum/documents/compare/master...pzb:underscores?expand=1 <https://github.com/cabforum/documents/compare/master...pzb:underscores?expand=1>

Would you consider adopting a definition closer to the one I proposed ("A Domain Name consisting of "\*." (U+002A ASTERISK, U+002E FULL STOP) prepended to a Fully-Qualified Domain Name.”)?


> On Jun 17, 2017, at 5:41 PM, Kirk Hall via Public <public at cabforum.org> wrote:
> After working with some of the chief drafters of the changes to BR over the past two years, I am posting this revised Ballot 190 which does a number of things:
> 1.       There are changes to two Definitions, and a new definition as shown.
> 2.       The current language of the domain validation section BR is what we passed in Ballot 181, and is missing validation Methods 1-4 and 7-9 with minor tweaks as indicated.  We are also eliminating Method 11 (previously Method 7) – “any other method.”  The language you see inserted is the same language as we passed in Ballot 169, except for the minor changes I specifically call out.
> 3.       We clarify that once the requested FQDN has been verified using a given validation method, the CA may also issue certificates for higher level domains that end in the validated FQDN.
> 4.       Finally, in response to the discussion we have had on whether a change to a validation method means all prior validations using that method are no longer valid, we have made some changes.  In essence, the BRs would not state that data, documents, and prior validations can be reused for the permitted reuse period under BR 4.2.1, unless the Forum specifically requires revalidation in a ballot.
> I have attached the pre-ballot in two formats: (a) one in “track changes” from Ballot 181 and including comments (this will be the real ballot once we finish discussion and the comments are removed), and (b) the other showing how BR and 4.2.1 plus the definitions will read if Ballot 190 is adopted.  I am sending the documents in both Word and pdf formats.
> We can discuss the ballot this week and on Thursday at the F2F meeting.  Next week, we can then file the ballot and start the discussion period (7 days), followed by the voting period.
> One request – if you have comments or edits to suggest, please be VERY clear.  This is a very complex ballot, and we will make the most progress if we avoid misunderstanding and talking past each other.  Also, if you don’t like a section, please suggest specific alternate wording for people to consider.
> <Ballot 190 (6-17-2017) showing changes from Ballot 181.docx><Ballot 190 (6-17-2017) showing changes from Ballot 181.pdf><Ballot 190 (6-17-2017) if all changes adopted.docx><Ballot 190 (6-17-2017) if all changes adopted.pdf>_______________________________________________
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