[cabfpub] Updated Agenda for F2F meetings June 20-22

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Sat Jun 17 09:27:30 UTC 2017

On 17/06/17 01:06, Kirk Hall via Public wrote:> *Disclosure of SSL
Technically-Constrained Sub-CAs in the CCADB*
> Gerv

To help attendees: my goal for this session is to sample CA opinion on,
and get information on the concrete pros, cons and knock-on effects of,
the idea of requiring disclosure in the CCADB of SSL Technically
Constrained Sub-CAs. Mozilla is considering this move to further improve
the transparency of the ecosystem, and make sure everyone is on the same
page about what appropriate technical constraints actually look like.

> *Add BR-Required Self-Assessment - CA mapping of their CP/CPS to the BRs*
> Gerv

My goal for this session is to sample the assembled company's opinion on
the idea that the CAB Forum should start maintaining a template document
for mapping the BRs to a CP/CPS, and using the BRs to require the yearly
or period completion/update of such a document. The aim would be to
provide a resource that root programs can use for more quickly checking
that a CP/CPS met the BRs, and so streamline root approvals, renewals,
changes etc.


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