[cabfpub] OCSP Requests and Do Not Track

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They all can trivially, the sites should perform OCSP stapling. Privacy was one of the original reasons for proposing it.

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> Forwarding on behalf of a colleague at EFF who is working on the Do Not Track standard:
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> Subject:	OCSP Requests and Do Not Track
> Date:	Mon, 15 May 2017 16:22:58 -0400
> From:	Alan Toner <at at eff.org <mailto:at at eff.org>>
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> Hi,
> At the Electronic Frontier Foundation we are currently working on an
> implementation guide for site owners who have adopted our Do Not Track
> (DNT) policy (1). As part of this effort we want to identify service
> providers who can comply with the policy for users who send a DNT:1
> header expressing their desire not to be tracked. Certification
> Authorities are relevant to this due to the potential for OSCP queries
> to track visits to a site even if the site otherwise complies with a
> strong DNT.
> We are interested to hear if there are Certification Authorities which
> can satisfy our DNT standard in the context of OCSP requests from public
> users. Compliance means any logs containing unique identifiers
> should be deleted within ten days unless an exception applies - in the
> case of  a Certification Authority such exceptions would include
> suspicions of fraud, security abuse, or the need to debug technical
> problems.
> Let's Encrypt has such a policy (2) but we would like to be able to
> point to others. If you believe your CA to be compliant, please let us
> know so that we can include your organization in our guide. We would
> also like to hear from you if there is a section of your privacy policy
> which addresses the use of information gathered in the course of OCSP
> requests.
> Best,
> Alan Toner
> (1) https://www.eff.org/dnt-policy <https://www.eff.org/dnt-policy>
> (2) https://letsencrypt.org/privacy/ <https://letsencrypt.org/privacy/>
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