[cabfpub] Draft CAA motion (3)

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Jan 19 13:48:49 UTC 2017

On 19/01/17 13:44, Doug Beattie wrote:
> I don’t think wanting to know stats about cert issuance belongs in
> the BRs, we should stick to Security and Compliance topics.

It's not that I "want to know" stats, it's that CAs have continually
raised the objection to CAA that there will be this problem. That is why
this is in there as a SHOULD.

I am happy to remove it if all CAs are happy to promise that they will
never object to CAA in the future or try and have the requirement for
its use watered down on the grounds of false positives/negatives. :-)
But I suspect people will not want to commit to that.


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