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What did you intend by “adverse CAA records”?   If a CA runs across a CAA record that identifies other CAs that are authorized to issue but not them, I don’t see a reason to report on that to CABF as you  suggested in the proposed ballot.  But,  I think CAs SHOULD log and then  report other types of failures, such as CAA records with critical tags that are not generally understood.  The RFC mentions this as a possible abuse vector which we should be sure to track.  I’d define “adverse CAA record” as one that fails for reasons other than not listing the CA in issue or issuewild tags.

If we create a new section in the BRs for CAA (maybe section, do we need to update the EVGL with a reference to this so EV certificates need to comply, or is everything in the BRs also assumed for EVGL?  I’m certainly not the expert on how these 2 specs work together, but it seems like the EVGL references the applicable sections in the BRs where necessary and that if it’s not referenced it’s not a requirement.  I’m probably wrong.  If everything is assumed to apply, then why do the EVGLs reference sections as applicable?

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CAs MUST document issuances that were prevented by an adverse CAA record in sufficient detail to provide feedback to the CAB Forum on the circumstances, and SHOULD report such requests to the contact(s) stipulated in the CAA iodef record(s), if present. CAs are not expected to support URL schemes in the iodef record other than mailto: or https:.

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