[cabfpub] Proposed Ballot 183 - Allowing 822 Names and (limited) otherNames

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Everyone – please make sure your Subject line for this topic says “Ballot 184” (Jeremy’s new ballot number, adopted a couple of days ago).  Ballot 183 is the voting rules draft that Virginia is working on.

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We ignore this and Ryan's arguments against, and we pass this proposal.
Next month we decide that the various browsers all now have enough
support for critical name constraints to update the BRs to MUST, but
because it will break your newly authorized dual-use certs Digicert is
now arguing against bringing the BRs back into full compliance w/RFC5280.


Would you (or anyone else from Apple) be able to provide CABForum with data on the % of currently deployed Apple devices that support critical name constraints?

Sure, although of course only public data.  We have this page:


which shows that "76% of devices are using iOS 10” and an additional 18% using iOS 9, as of January 4, for a total of 94% supporting name constraints.  For macOS, I don’t believe Apple publishes numbers, but there’s public data here:


which if you strip out the non-macOS systems, looks like this:

[cid:image001.png at 01D26A8E.13734F30]

for 68% of devices running macOS 10.12 or OS X 10.11 in December 2017, and so supporting name constraints.  (I won't endorse the accuracy of the netmarketshare numbers, but they explain their methodology and so you can form your own opinion.)
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