[cabfpub] PAG - Agenda for teleconference Tuesday 24 Jan at 17:00 UTC

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Tue Jan 24 01:26:16 UTC 2017

Resending Agenda.

Convening of PAG

Kirk, Chair pro tem


List of candidates for permanent PAG Chair; Election of Chair

Kirk, Chair pro tem


Assignment of Minutes-taker

PAG Chair


Review of Agenda

PAG Chair


Review of W3C process document for PAGs

Dave Singer


Discussion whether a PAG charter or procedural rules are needed versus simple reliance on IPR Policy provisions as an "ad hoc" group under IPR Policy Sec. 7.1.  Consideration of W3C model

PAG Chair


Brief review of following IPR Policy Sections:
2. Licensing and Disclosure Goals for CAB Forum Guidelines
3. Patent Licensing Obligations of CAB Forum Participants
4.2 Excluding Patents and/or Patent Applications from Royalty Free Licensing Obligations During Review Period
4.3 Conditions and Procedure for Excluding Patents and/or Patent Applications From CAB Forum RF License
4.4 Effect of Exclusion Notice
7.3.2. Possible PAG Conclusions
8. Definition of Essential Claims and Other Key Terms
8.1. Essential Claims
8.2. Limitations on the Scope of Definition of Essential Claims
8.3. Other Key Definitions
c. "Contribution"

PAG Chair


Initial review of Exclusion Notices received:

*       Globalsign

*       GoDaddy

*       Symentec

PAG Chair


Creation of game plan for future meetings (in no particular order)

*       Analysis of patents submitted, applicability to referenced sections of BR

*       Consideration of whether BR sections involve Essential Claims covered by Exclusion Notices

*       Consider possible cross-licensing (see Symantec Exclusion Notice)

*       Consider whether any Exclusion Notices are affected by Member's "Participation"

PAG Chair


Assignment of work for next PAG meeting

PAG Chair


Other Business

PAG Chair


Next Meeting Date

PAG Chair



PAG Chair

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