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I want to discuss what should CA do if subscriber provide proof that their IP address belong to a Cloud Service Provider.


If subscribers that purchase Cloud service from a Cloud Service Provider (Such as Aliyun in China), and they have contract that indicate the IP address they are using is from the  Cloud Service Provider.

But such contract or related document cannot prove that the IP address is from which ISP.


In this case,  the certificate application material from users do not contain information about ISP, the Cloud Service Provider may signed many contracts with different ISP, those contract or agreement do not contain any specific IP address or IP range.

In addition Cloud Service Provider refuse to provide contracts between them and ISP to CA because it’s confidential.


What we are trying to do is verify IP address belong to the Cloud Service Provider via public channel (Such as IP address tools).

(No Certificate in this case issued yet)


In this case:

1, Should this be sufficient to issue certificate?(1,files that prove IP is subscriber applied from Cloud Service Provider. 2,Public tools indicate this IP belongs to this Cloud Service Provider)

2,Should CA take further actions such as contact ISP directly?(Note that this IP address can be from any ISP in the world, public IP address tools do not take any responsibility for “Bugs” or inaccurate info)

3,Any more document  CA should request from subscriber, Cloud Service Provider or ISP?




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