[cabfpub] Creating an open CA regime for telephone number "possession"

Tony Rutkowski tony at yaanatech.com
Fri Dec 8 21:54:44 UTC 2017


Only to note this discussion is not occurring in STIR,
but in relatively closed groups within ATIS (NNI/IPNNI),
the North American Numbering Council, and the FCC.
The SIP Forum is also engaged.

Indeed the standards are currently those of ATIS.  At
the moment request can be made to gain access to their
groups and the draft materials.  ATIS has traditionally
closed off participation and charged significant sums for
membership and for its standards.  That is obviously
a relevant concern if they were to be designated the
Governing Authority, along with the costs of making
use of their services.

This deserves attention of anyone interested in the
market or platforms.  It is also not clear how or if any
of this scales globally.  As you say, companies can
participate on their own.


On 08-Dec-17 4:24 PM, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
> Thanks for raising the matter, as others in the Forum have, as it
> certainly serves as a potential avenue for members to get involved.
> However, whether or not a single GA is appropriate should perhaps best
> be considered by STIR in STIR. Certainly, in designing new systems, I
> would not recommend or encourage the use of third-party CAs, 

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