[cabfpub] Which CAs must be audited

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Of course I missed a key step.  If there is an EKU extension, check to see if it contains the anyEKU KP.  If so, then go to the pathLen check.  Otherwise check for specific KPs.

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> Lol at the IPv4 and IPv6 part.
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> Over on the mozilla.dev.security.policy list, there was some confusion about which subordinate CAs need to have audits.
> I’ve put together two flow charts to help document what I think has been said on that list.  I tried to merge info from both the Mozilla and Microsoft policies, so I might be a little off.
> The one place where this does differ from current Mozilla policy is that it has disclosure of technically constrained CA certificates themselves.  This is proposed for Mozilla but not yet required.
> Anyone see errors?
> Thanks,
> Peter
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