[cabfpub] [EXTERNAL]Re: ]RE: Ballot 194 - Effective Date of Ballot 193 Provisions is in the VOTING period (ends April 16)

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Wed Apr 19 14:11:33 UTC 2017

On 18/04/17 22:12, Jeremy Rowley via Public wrote:
> [JR] “Submitted” and “Posted” are two different words. So is “Sent” and
> “submitted”. It’s basic legal drafting to use the same word if you want
> the same meaning. The fact that the words chosen differ means either
> poor drafting or they have different meanings.

As the person who I believe drafted the motion concerned, I can tell you
that it's poor drafting. It was absolutely not my intent that messages
where someone attempted to send to the public list but failed would be
counted as valid votes.

Anyone should be able to tally the votes to check the chair's maths,
without requiring special knowledge or to take anyone's word for it.
That's only possible if votes are actually sent to all subscribers.


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