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Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
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+ 1 to the different view points. 


However, I think the ambiguity means the ballot didn’t pass and didn’t fail.  Per 2.3(d) – “If the Draft Guidelines Ballot does not pass the Initial Vote, the ballot will stop.”


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What is the strained interpretation? Seems logical to me. I also disagree that the energy can be better spent. This is a good exercise and shows that regardless of the ballot outcome, we should fix the confusion in bylaw wording.


The argument is about the process at this point is more interesting than the results. We can’t maintain discipline about the process if we can’t figure out what the process even is.


If it helps, I think I’ve figured out why different people are interpreting this differently.


A technical person will read “Public Mail List” as meaning a server, a web site and e-mail relay.  A non-technical person will read it as meaning a list, of people or e-mail addresses.


You can read the whole document with each of these meanings in your head and never once hit a definite contradiction, although it’s clear that different bits of the document were written by people with different ideas about what it meant; compare "The Chair will notify both the Member Mail List and the Public Mail List of the approval” in 2.3(i)(A) with "all such separate list-servs must be managed in the same fashion as the Public Mail List” in 5.3.


But ‘submitting’ something to a server is the meaning of 'submit’ that is 'to present or propose to another for review, consideration, or decision’ and allows the server to reject it, while ‘submitting’ something to a list of people is the other meaning of ‘submit’, ‘to deliver formally’, and you haven’t delivered it if it didn’t arrive.



So, you’re all right and you’re all wrong, I hope that helped!



A bigger problem we have is that we have no way to resolve this issue.  There has been a vote, and it either passed or it didn’t, and the bylaws are ambiguous on which is the case.  So I think that what we need most of all is a resolution mechanism.  One simple one is to say that the Chair’s ballot count is definitive.

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