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Tue Apr 18 15:24:48 UTC 2017

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> 'Votes not submitted to the Public Mail...’
> If we are going to be hyper pedantic about this, nobody disputes that the
> vote was submitted to the Public Mail list. It is therefore a valid vote.

Yes, multiple people do. Because you're ignoring both the surrounding
paragraph and the Bylaws.

Would you like me to provide you a full analysis about how this approach is
factually incorrect?

> If we are to be hyper pedantic, let us consider the precise meaning of RFC
> 5821, section 3.3 in which the process of submitting a message is described.
> Did Microsoft execute a MAIL command?
> Did Microsoft execute a RCPT command?
> Did Microsoft execute a DATA command?
> The answer to these is yes and thus Microsoft completed all the necessary
> steps for submission of the vote. The failure to forward the vote to the
> list subscribers was due entirely to the configuration of the mail system,
> a factor over which Microsoft had not control.
> Thus, according to the bylaws, the vote is valid and shall be counted.

This is perhaps the most useful new argument, but fails to address any of
the broader concerns.

To make best use of my time, can you clarify: Have you read the entire
Bylaws before making this argument? Have you read the concerns to date?
Would it be useful for your further discussion to point out the many ways
in which your position is at conflict with them?
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