[cabfpub] Require commonName in Root and Intermediate Certificates ballot draft (2)

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Mon Apr 17 15:02:35 UTC 2017

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> On 17/04/17 15:28, Jeremy Rowley wrote:
> > Doesn't this ballot suffer from the same limitation that Ryan raised in
> > connection with the domain validation ballot? Namely, that this language
> > "For the avoidance of doubt, these updated requirements apply only to
> root
> > and intermediate certificates issued after the Effective Date of this
> > ballot, which is upon approval (i.e. at the end of the IPR Review Period
> if
> > no Exclusion Notices are filed)" needs to be part of the document text?
> <sigh>
> I think that the plain and only sensible way to understand the BRs is
> that particular rules apply only to actions taken when those rules are
> in force. So if a motion e.g. alters the rules surrounding the issuance
> of intermediate certificates, by default the new rules apply only to
> issuances of intermediate certificates that happen after the motion
> fully passes (i.e. after IPR review is complete). Such a motion does not
> by default require the revocation and replacement of all previous
> intermediate certificates which do not now meet the updated rules.
> This default can, of course, be changed by explicit wording in the
> motion which adds an instruction to the BRs to e.g. revoke all previous
> certs or make any other provision retroactive, but that's not the default.
> [How does this apply to the current debate about information reuse?
> Information reuse is an action. So BR rules about information reuse
> apply when you reuse information. BR rules about gathering information
> apply when you gather information. But let's not get sidetracked by that
> in this thread.]
> Kirk was keen that the motion state this explicitly, so I added
> something to the motion to state this explicitly, "for the avoidance of
> doubt". However, I personally don't believe that there's any doubt. And
> I don't think we want to clutter up the BRs with things which basically
> say "this rule applies only to things which happen under the auspices of
> this document." I think that's obvious.

I agree with both your summary and your conclusion.

The BRs represent a state of the CA's compliance at a point in time with
respect to what they issue. It does not govern past actions, nor can it
indemnify them. It can, however, require that on a particular date, some
action is taken - such as revoking past certificates.
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