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I can see that good points of deprecating the old RFC 2527. However, I
can't tell whether most CAs would have nothing to do. At least I know
there are CAs still using RFC 2527 format for some reasons. As members
will continue discussing substances and expectations of this requirement
for 6 months, I think a period of 6 months should be given to CAs making
changes to their CP/CPS.

[Hopefully someone could convey my comment to the forum because I'm not
a member here. Thanks.]

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On 26/04/17 03:58, Jeremy Rowley via Public wrote:
> I agree. It shows the CA didn't accidentally delete or omit something.

And if we define the exact text to be used, there may be benefits for
automated analysis.

Having all CPs and CPSes in a standard format might also have benefits for
e.g. automated extraction of CAA identifiers, cross-CA comparisons of
validation methods, and that sort of thing.

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