[cabfpub] Ballot process ordering

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Wed Nov 2 17:32:41 UTC 2016

On 02/11/16 15:57, Ryan Sleevi via Public wrote:
> Oh, and I would note the Key Definitions of 8.3
> d. “Draft Guideline” means a version of a CAB Forum guideline that has
> not been approved as a Final Guideline or Final Maintenance Guideline,
> regardless of whether or not the Draft Guideline has been published.
> e. “Final Guideline” is any version of a Draft Guideline that the
> Participants have agreed is a final version of such Draft Guideline
> pursuant to the CAB Forum process for approving Final Guidelines.
> f. “Final Maintenance Guideline” is an errata to or amendment of an
> existing CAB Forum Final Guideline.
> Given that our Bylaws establish the "process for approving Final
> Guidelines" is a ballot, then it naturally follows that Position 1 means
> that all Review Periods shall be 60 days - because it lacks approval. If
> we accept that a Ballot occurs before, then it suggests that a 30 day
> review period is permissible.
> I'd be curious how you believe the existing definitions can be
> reconciled with the Position 1 argument, and in particular, when, if
> ever, we can exercise a 30-day review period.

I'm afraid I'm not following this argument, in particular the "naturally
follows" and other argumentation in the 2nd para. Can you expand it a bit?


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