[cabfpub] Clarification of "patent-free guidelines"

Virginia Fournier vfournier at apple.com
Fri Nov 4 22:20:04 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I’d like to clarify what’s referred to below as “patent-free guidelines,” as there’s apparently been a misunderstanding.

I did not say there could never be patent rights in Guidelines.  I mentioned that one of the goals of the IPR Policy is to have Guidelines that can be implemented on a royalty-free basis.  Also, if the CAB Forum is aware of Guidelines that cannot be implemented on a royalty-free basis due to an Essential Claim, such Guidelines will generally not be approved.  These goals come from Section 2 of the IPR Policy, included below.  
2. Licensing and Disclosure Goals for CAB Forum Guidelines

In order to promote the widest adoption of CAB Forum Guidelines, CAB Forum seeks to issue Guidelines that can be implemented on a Royalty-Free (RF) basis subject to the conditions of this policy. CAB Forum will ordinarily not approve a Guideline if it is aware that Essential Claims exist which are not available on RF terms. CAB Forum Members are encouraged to bring to the attention of the CAB Forum any known patent or pending patent application of other organizations that might contain Essential Claims. 

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> >     allowed to include some patented solutions, among others with
> >     royalty-free license)
> I've not heard anyone arguing that this is a MUST.
> Without wanting to misrepresent her, I believe this was expressed by Virginia during both the F2F and the subsequent call. However, this may simply have been a misunderstanding of position.
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