[cabfpub] Membership reinstatements

Peter Bowen pzb at amzn.com
Wed May 4 00:25:32 UTC 2016

> On May 3, 2016, at 3:03 PM, Ryan Sleevi <sleevi at google.com> wrote:
> If you review https://cabforum.org/2016/02/04/ballot-157-adopt-version-1-2-of-the-intellectual-property-rights-policy/ , and using the contextual interpretation argument, the clause immediately preceding indicates that the IPR policy is a condition of the continued Membership in the CA/B Forum. This would, contextually, argue that suspension is the discontinuation of membership, which would be consistent with the Bylaws, for which execution of the IPR policy is a condition of Membership.
> I know I'm being pedantic here, and I have no doubt that it's annoying at nitpicky, but given the state of our Bylaws, it seems best to treat it as such. However, in the interim, the above members can continue participating as Interested Parties; it would just be the matter of the Membership list and voting privileges which would not be resumed until our next teleconference or meeting (for which I expect things would be non-controversial)

What do we do about parties who returned their IPR agreements later than March 16?  Are they all non-members until the members agree at the teleconference or meeting?

What do we do about ballots now open for vote?  How is quorum calculated and which votes will be counted?


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