[cabfpub] IV SSL BR organization name problem

Richard Wang richard at wosign.com
Tue May 24 15:01:21 UTC 2016

Hi all,

We have a problem for the IV SSL (for personal), I think we can't use "organizationName" filed to display the personal name, so we use the field "GivenName" and "Surname" for IV.
But the BR say "certificates without organizationName must not include stateOrProvinceName", so I am sure we need to modify the BR for this limit since the BR is based on OV and EV, please advise, thanks.

ERROR: BR certificates without organizationName must not include localityName
ERROR: BR certificates without organizationName must not include stateOrProvinceName

            commonName                = *.bigangwan.com
            givenName                 = Yan Zhuang
            localityName              = Hangzhou
            stateOrProvinceName       = Zhejiang
            countryName               = CN

Best Regards,

Richard Wang

WoSign CA Limited
Tel: +86-755-2602-7858

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