[cabfpub] eIDAS meeting presentations

Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
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As you probably know, it's difficult to give a uniform opinion on this topic
from the whole CA/B Forum. Hence, I tried to give a balanced viewpoint. Ryan
also provided another view from one or more browsers.  As he stated, the
summary notes in the link should give you a feel for the discussions. 


Please let me know if you have additional questions.




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Thank you Dean.

If I am not mistaken, none of the presentations was held by a CABF
Was there a "panel discussion" after the presentations?

I would be most interested in knowing the opinion of CABF on the notion of
qualified certificates for websites.

Especially, I would like to understand whether browsers are willing/planning
to integrate the EU trust lists....


Il 30/03/2016 00:12, Dean Coclin ha scritto:

Here is the link to the presentations from the eIDAS meeting that Ryan,
Andrew and I attended and was mentioned on our last call:



See the Summary link at the bottom of the page along with the individual


Dean Coclin

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Adriano Santoni
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