[cabfpub] Pre-ballot on membership requirement update

Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
Fri Mar 18 18:19:18 UTC 2016

I'm not adding anything else to this ballot, other than Peter's suggested 
wording changes. This is what happened last time I tried to pass this ballot. 
Everybody tried to pile on their wish list of cleanup items and it never 
passed.  This ballot is going to stand on its own.

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On 17/03/16 18:45, Dean Coclin wrote:
> Good recommendation, thank you.  Looks like we have 2 endorsers,
> Mozilla and Trend. Assume they agree with the change.

Actually, it seems like this rolling stone is gathering some moss. I briefly 
withdraw my endorsement until I've seen a full draft ballot with any other 
cleanups in it (e.g. Peter's) :-)

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