[cabfpub] Misissuance of certificates

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Thu Jan 21 03:31:28 UTC 2016

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 7:24 PM, Dean Coclin <Dean_Coclin at symantec.com>

> The issue was that some certs have information as part of the CN which
> probably shouldn't be public -- in the HMRC cases, it's a tax-related ID
> number specific to a given company, which probably ought to be private
> between that company and the tax offices. But they need certs including
> that number to exchange information with the tax offices. (Arguably that's
> a poorly designed system but that's something to take up with HMRC -- the
> UK tax office)

Well, aren't we fine as long as no one misissues those types of
certificates? :)

That is, this only becomes an issue if something is done improperly, which
hopefully should never happen, and for which it gives adequate time (since
as long as the CA doesn't misissue, they don't have to disclose) for the CA
to reach out and notify their customers about this change. That is, more
aptly, that publicly trusted certificates should be seen as containing
public data, and that systems that rely on the privacy of some of that data
should not place them in the certificates (or, if necessary, indirect them
through a variety of means - whether an extension which the CA understands,
and is thus permitted to include-if-vetted, out of band delivery
mechanisms, etc)

> At one time, there was a suggestion that it would be okay to redact the CN
> back to the domain itself rather than publishing the full CN in cases of
> misissuance. That would certainly solve the problem in this case.  If this
> was the resolution that you were thinking about Gerv and if it's still in
> play, then perhaps you are right and it is solved.

The problem with CN-redaction is that no longer discloses the misissued
certificate in a way that can be verified or vetted by the public, which,
given that it only arises during misissuance, may be at a time when the
public is least trusting of the CA.
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