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Rich Smith richard.smith at comodo.com
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I can't speak intelligently to points 2-4, but as for #1, I get cases 
all the time where the legal organization name exceeds 64 characters.  
In addition to Netherlands, which Jeremy has pointed out, I see a lot 
from Germany, and given the unique method in the German language of 
stringing together several existing words to form a new word, things can 
get very long very quickly and are next to impossible to sensibly 
abbreviate.  Jeremy has pointed out a very real problem here.  I'm not 
necessarily advocating that we break from 5280 on this, but I definitely 
think it is worth attempting to update with PKIX/IETF.

On 2/24/2016 2:01 PM, Jeremy Rowley wrote:
> Yes - I realize it is characters, not bytes.  There are lots of examples in
> Netherlands where the name is longer than 64 characters, especially if you
> include all the legal identifiers.
> Using SAN.dnsname only causes wonkiness in IE.
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>> 1)Org names, common names,  and address fields are limited to 64
>> characters. Very few international companies can comply with this
>> restriction.
> Hi Jeremy.  I'm puzzled as to why "international" would have anything to do
> with this.  Can you cite some examples of such international companies?
> You do realize that the limit is in characters, not bytes, right?
>> It's even worse if you are converting an IDN to a printable string.
> If an IDN doesn't fit in a Subject.commonName, then you can omit the
> Subject.commonName field from the cert.
> Use SAN.dNSName.
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